Our clients are our friends, family and neighbors. Some were our friends before we started. Some were referrals. All of them are friends after we have finished renovating their home.

This is unusual in the home renovation business. Here’s why…
Rebuilding your existing home to fit your dreams can be an arduous process. Matching your needs and desires with practicality and working within your budget can be complex. Even when the result is wonderful, the process can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  

We start with good planning, attention to details and a system we call “modified design-build”.

InSite Builders’ unique “modified design-build” process offers you a more realistic cost assessment and significant time savings.  Upfront, our clients have a real estimate tied to experienced craftsmen, instead of an unreliable “ball park estimate” which can fluctuate wildly based on various factors.
After an initial meeting with you, the homeowner, to discuss the project, Stephen Gordon sets up a second meeting with his architect or yours. The architect then develops schematic drawings based on a walkthrough of your property and your wish list.  Subsequently, Stephen carefully considers the requirements of your individual project and selects a team of subcontractors and suppliers to preview your home; usually, there are multiple contractors representing each specialty.  These men and women have many years of experience in their own area of expertise as well as many years of working with InSite Builders.  They base their estimates on existing conditions within the home and provide feedback to the architect and owners, often value-engineering ideas to save money or come up with creative solutions to challenges.

Stephen then meets with the owners again to review the estimate, and the architect revises his drawings and readies them for permit. During this time, the owners meet with suppliers to choose specific materials, which further refines the estimate.

Final drawings are provided to subcontractors and suppliers, and combined with owners’ selections, the scope of work and costs are finalized.  Owners are then presented with a contract containing fixed pricing.  As always, your budget is at the forefront of our thoughts.   

We gladly invest a significant amount of time and effort in your remodeling project before we even begin construction because this extra legwork provides our clients with a clear understanding of how InSite Builders functions, and gives greater confidence in our work and peace of mind throughout our relationship.  

Our process has been so successful that we have never advertised for business.  Repeat clients and their kind referrals are our bread and butter. As we build your new home, we are also building a relationship which we hope will last a lifetime.